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13 Tips on Starting a Successful YouTube Channel

I have been approached numerous times by bloggers asking for my advice on starting a YouTube channel, especially more recently. A lot of people have been freaking out over making videos, “where do I start?”, “how do you know what people will watch?”, “what if people don’t like me?“. I responded to everyone but I could […]

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Calling All YouTubers!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to do a quick post asking if anyone would perhaps like to connect on YouTube by doing a colab of some sort (beauty related of course). Feel free to leave me some ideas. Also, i’m just interested to connect with other small YouTubers in general, so leave a comment with […]

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Smashbox Photo Set Finishing Powder | Rubbish or Repurchase?!

Smashbox Photo Set Finishing Powder – £19 I purchased this powder from Boots a few weeks ago as part of a haul (you can view that here). This was an impulse buy but i’d seen translucent powders floating around the internet and shops and I’d been eager to buy one. I’ve used this in a […]

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