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30 Cheap Prop & Background Ideas for Blog Photographs | Blog Advice

First things first – happy new year! Let’s kick it off with some good ol’ blog advice. Photographs are what first attract people to your posts; they are so important. They must act like a big warm hug to your readers, and to tempt them in. So, you must get creative! You don’t need an […]

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50 Random Facts About Me Tag!

Hey everyone! Today I uploaded the 50 Random Facts About Me Tag! This was a very fun video to make, although thinking of 50 facts about yourself is very tricky, I hope that you find it interesting! Watch it below or click here to go to my full YouTube channel. If you haven’t done this […]

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Beauty and Clothing HAUL | Boots & Topshop

Alright loves! It’s been a crazy week. I decided to set Sunday as my YouTube channel upload day but so much has been going on that i’ve broken the rules a little bit and posted more than I said – but surely that’s not a bad thing?! I uploaded the Perfect Palette Tag on Wednesday¬†so […]

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