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5 Simple Steps That Made My Blog Grow

Blogging is a tough world. I get it. It’s incredibly hard to get noticed, full of long hours, and let’s face it, watching absolutely zilch happen to your stats is frustrating. I’ve recently been making a conscious effort to improve my stats and make my blog grow. Some changes have done sod all, niente, nothing – but others have truly worked. So, I’m here to help as many bloggers out by sharing what actually made my blog grow.

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3 Minute Makeup Challenge / Boyfriend Does My Makeup

This is by far the funniest video I’ve made since plunging into the world of YouTube. After much persuasion, my boyfriend agreed to film the ‘3 minute makeup challenge’ together, making it a spin on the original ‘boyfriend does my makeup’ video trend. I supplied John with a handful of brushes and products and all […]

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