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eBay Bargains | Makeup Storage

I’m an absolute sucker for trawling around eBay, hoping to discover hidden gems that come in way below retail price. I’m constantly on the hunt for new makeup & beauty storage items for my ever-growing stash; little pieces that just make my collection that little more pretty, as well as practical. So, I felt it very necessary to share my most purse friendly makeup storage finds with you. In fact, they’re all under a fiver!

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The Sunshine Award

**Please don’t forget to enter my beauty giveaway! Click here to go to the blog post and enter for a chance to win the amazing prizes** I got nominated by the lovely This Little Miss Blogs for this very happy award! Go check her blog out, it’s lovely. RULES: Thank the person who nominated you. […]

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My University Room Creations | Storage Ideas

Living away from home can be a difficult change and is something that takes time to get used to. As a student, money’s always tight and trying to make your room lovely can be expensive. This is my third and final year in University, and I’ve moved rooms every year, so i’m in my third […]

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