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My Complete Makeup Collection & Storage

  Welcome to my obsession, the corner of my room where I spend most of my time, my beauty area. One of my favourite blog posts to read, and videos to watch on YouTube are people’s makeup storage, makeup collection or how they organise their dressing table (because i’m just so bloody nosey). This video was requested months ago based […]

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30 Cheap Prop & Background Ideas for Blog Photographs | Blog Advice

First things first – happy new year! Let’s kick it off with some good ol’ blog advice. Photographs are what first attract people to your posts; they are so important. They must act like a big warm hug to your readers, and to tempt them in. So, you must get creative! You don’t need an […]

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Mini Beauty Area Haul | BARGAINS!

Hi lovelies! Today I just wanted to share with you a couple of things that I bought for my “beauty area”; which has been an unexpected and ongoing process. When I moved out of my University house I suddenly had everything back at home with me again and I had nowhere to store my makeup and […]

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