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How To Create an Attention Grabbing Blog Post Title

The blog post title is something that is often overlooked and rushed. And you know what? It’s actually THE most important aspect of your post. Why? Because it’s what makes people decide whether or not to go ahead and read it. And you want people to read your blog post, right? Your blog post title really […]

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How To Increase Blog Traffic by Using Keywords | Monthly Column

We all want to increase blog traffic, right? In this article I am going to show you exactly how you can do just that with the use of some handy keywords. Adding strategic keywords will ensure that people find your posts. It’s an easy way to grow your traffic on autopilot (and for free!). So, you […]

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Get To Know Anais | Featured Blogger Friday

Welcome to this Friday’s Featured Blogger post, are you sitting comfortably? Firstly a giant virtual hug for reading yesterday’s monthly column post, ‘5 tips for writing a killer blog post title‘. Writing a good, strong post title is often massively overlooked, purely for the reason that people believe anything will do, and that it doesn’t matter. So, […]

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