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My Top 10 Makeup Brushes

In all of my blogging life, I have never written a post featuring my most used and loved makeup brushes – it’s time to change that. I really believe that makeup applies differently depending on the type and quality of the brush you use. It’s taken me years to test out all of the various […]

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MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

I’m stripping it right back to the basics in this weeks product of the week. I’m talking all about the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer, my all time favourite concealer. You will of heard me rave about this product in multiple videos so i’m going to explain why I love it so bloody much. Grab a […]

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Beauty Explained | What is Strobing?!

As part of my new series ‘beauty explained’, I’m going to keep up with the latest trends and tell you what the fuss is all about every month. I really hope this is something you’re going to enjoy reading and find useful. So today I am going to be talking all things ‘Strobing‘. Personally, strobing sounded so intimidating and […]

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