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13 Tips on Starting a Successful YouTube Channel

I have been approached numerous times by bloggers asking for my advice on starting a YouTube channel, especially more recently. A lot of people have been freaking out over making videos, “where do I start?”, “how do you know what people will watch?”, “what if people don’t like me?“. I responded to everyone but I could […]

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My Complete Makeup Collection & Storage

  Welcome to my obsession, the corner of my room where I spend most of my time, my beauty area. One of my favourite blog posts to read, and videos to watch on YouTube are people’s makeup storage, makeup collection or how they organise their dressing table (because i’m just so bloody nosey). This video was requested months ago based […]

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What’s in my bag?

Wow, my first ever what’s in my bag video. I splurged on a Michael Kors bag which is my new baby so I just had to introduce you in some way! I’ve been ashamed to do a ‘what’s in my bag’ before now because they’ve always looked very dishevelled and unloved. I love watching these […]

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