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Get To Know Madelyn | Featured Blogger Friday

Good afternoon lovlies! I hope you all enjoyed my latest post, ‘5 Simple Steps That Made My Blog Grow‘, and found some juicy tips to help you along. If you’re struggling to get the most out of your blog go on over and have a read. This week we’re chatting to Madelyn from Deviate Madli. […]

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50 Most Popular Blogmas Post Ideas | Blog Advice

Happy December to you all. It’s officially the first day of Blogmas – yay! For those of you who don’t know, Blogmas begins at the start of December and goes for 25 days. Bloggers and Vloggers post at least once a day and every post is dedicated to, you guessed it, Christmas. I have 24 festive posts lined […]

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Beauty Explained | What is Baking?!

You’re already familiar with contouring and we spoke about strobing last month, but now it’s “baking” or “cooking”, I’m not talking about the yummy kind that we all love, but the current makeup contouring trend. This technique has been cropping up on YouTube tutorials everywhere. Baking, or letting your makeup ‘cook’, is a term that has been […]

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