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5 Simple Steps That Made My Blog Grow

Blogging is a tough world. I get it. It’s incredibly hard to get noticed, full of long hours, and let’s face it, watching absolutely zilch happen to your stats is frustrating. I’ve recently been making a conscious effort to improve my stats and make my blog grow. Some changes have done sod all, niente, nothing – but others have truly worked. So, I’m here to help as many bloggers out by sharing what actually made my blog grow.

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5 Reasons Why I Didn’t Read Your Blog Post

I make sure to take at least an hour out of each day to sift through blog posts. I really enjoy the down time and catching up on the latest reads. This often makes me feel inspired and motivated and I love connecting with bloggers too. However, when people have as little time as I […]

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5 Tips to Keeping Organised

I have recently received a lot of emails and comments from people wondering how I stay organised, so it’s obviously a topic people are concerned about. Keeping organised is something that has definitely taken me time to really get the hang of, and staying motivated is a major factor too. We all have our own lives outside of blogging, […]

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