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5 Easy Beauty Storage Hacks

As a beauty blogger, it’s fair to say that I have accumulated a lot of makeup and skincare products over the past couple of years, so organisation is very important. MakeSpace, an on-demand storage service approached me recently, wanting to have a peak inside my beauty room to see how I store everything. Since it’s recently been updated they couldn’t have asked me at a better time. And let’s be honest, I love writing posts like this and allowing you to peek inside!

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eBay Bargains | Makeup Storage

I’m an absolute sucker for trawling around eBay, hoping to discover hidden gems that come in way below retail price. I’m constantly on the hunt for new makeup & beauty storage items for my ever-growing stash; little pieces that just make my collection that little more pretty, as well as practical. So, I felt it very necessary to share my most purse friendly makeup storage finds with you. In fact, they’re all under a fiver!

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My Complete Makeup Collection & Storage

  Welcome to my obsession, the corner of my room where I spend most of my time, my beauty area. One of my favourite blog posts to read, and videos to watch on YouTube are people’s makeup storage, makeup collection or how they organise their dressing table (because i’m just so bloody nosey). This video was requested months ago based […]

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