How much sleep do you need? Top tips for getting a good night’s sleep

Sleep is absolutely essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, having high energy levels and generally being able to think straight.

So, how much sleep do you need?


Blogging has sadly taken a back seat for me over the last few months. With moving house, gaining a new puppy and wedding planning taking over, it’s become tricky to find the time.

It’s safe to say that life it hectic. And sleep is certainly a time I’ve learnt to treasure. Does that sound mumsy or what?


I’m proud to say I’ve learnt exactly what to do to ensure I have the best night sleep EVER.

These little changes have made all the difference – I feel fresher, more alert and ready to take on the world.

And I’m going to pass my best tips on to you.


1. Ban blue light.

It’s sad isn’t it. We’re all so glued to our devices and hung up on social media that it become second nature to drift off into a sleep whilst scrolling through Facebook.

Try putting away your phone around an hour before bed.

Failing this, enable ‘Night Shift’ on your iPhone. It projects a yellow light rather than a blue one, sending you off into a deep sleep.


2. Go outside.

A simple one, right? But I used to struggle MAJORLY with getting a healthy amount of sunlight every day.

Working in an office environment is a job tailored for vampires. And with the days getting shorter and darker in Winter months, my body was suffering massively with vitamin D deficiency.

Since getting a new puppy, my life has changed. And yes, rather like in Marley and Me, it’s filled with chaos and life doesn’t stand still. However, I am walking for around an hour a day which I’ve noticed has had a massive effect on my sleeping habits. I’m going to bed early and sleeping better.


3. No snacks in bed.

It’s so easy to do, right? You’re munching away in the evening on the sofa, perhaps with a glass of wine in the other hand, but did you know that your eating and drinking habits play a huge roll in how you sleep?

Avoid big meals at night and alcohol in bed.

You know what’s still not clear to me? How my Fiancee and I can have a cup of tea or coffee straight before bed. Perhaps that’s the next habit I need to break.


And you know what else? It’s important to change your mattress around every eight years. Maybe I need one of those electric beds to get extra comfy.


If you feel like you’re not getting the best nights sleep, try one of these simple tricks and let me know if you see a difference.


Did you know…

  • Almost 80% of those surveyed think they need between 7-9 hours’ sleep per night.
  • Noise pollution prevents 30% of those surveyed from sleeping.
  • A nice temperature is what helps the majority of those surveyed to sleep (39%).



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