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Happy Friday! It appears I have spent the majority of the week wedding planning – it’s so much fun. I even have a little ‘Wedding Ideas’ notebook that comes with me everywhere for those little Eureka moments. How’s your week been? I truly hope you found some useful tips in my ‘5 easy ways to personalise your blog‘ post. If you’re in need of some quick fixes to boost your following I highly recommend heading over for a read.

This Friday we’re chatting to Sangeetha from LifeStyleBites3. She has been with me from pretty much day one on WordPress, commenting on my posts and supporting me. She posts about everything beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Expect a heck load of posts every week.


Why did you start blogging?
I was watching so many blogs and Youtube videos before heading onto my own blog and I should say, I was so intrigued with the amount of passion each blog delivers and that’s where I’ve decided to start blogging.

Describe your blog in five words.
Beauty, fashion, photography, blog design and great content.

What helps give you inspiration/motivation?
I love blogging as it gives me a satisfying feeling and I get motivated each time while I do a post and the other half of the inspiration is definitely from my lovely fellow bloggers.

How do you stay organised?
I love to keep my workspace to be well organised and I do it regularly. Moreover, Sundays are my go to tidy up day which helps me to do some extra touch-ups and updates.

What type of posts do you enjoy reading the most? 
To be honest, I love reading beauty posts than to any other and I know, it is bit of a girly thing.

How often can we expect posts from you?
Mostly, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and some times as a bonus post on Sundays.

What’s your favourite post to date?
Red Lips Featuring Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lipstick

What have you learnt in your time as a blogger?
As a blogger, I self analyse before buying any beauty product or clothing and I learnt to be more trendy and organised.

What advice would you give to someone starting a blog?
Blogging is like an echo of your voice on beauty and fashion and so make a mark and go for it.

What’s your favourite thing about blogging?
The favourite thing about blogging is, it is like a platform to show case your own personality, passion and style sense.

Which country are you from?
My origin is from India.

How do you like to spend your weekends?
I love to spend quality time with my family.

What are the top three things on your bucket list?

  1. Visit New York.
  2. Want to represent blogging to next level.
  3. Make a remarkable achievement in blogging.

What do you do to relax?

  1. Family time is a great escape for a stress free life.
  2. I love my Sunday pamper time.
  3. Going out for shopping.
  4. Doing yoga is like meditation to me as it keeps my mind and body to be fresh.
  5. Getting up glammed and dressed up nicely.


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  1. Sangeetha says:

    It is a great pleasure to participate in your blog

    1. Clarina says:

      Thank you for being featured! 😊

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