5 Easy Ways to Personalise Your Blog (Helpful Screenshots Included!)


Let’s face it, blogging’s a competitive business. So how exactly can you stand out from the rest? By personalising your blog of course. Easy! It’s such a quick fix that makes a heck of a difference to readers first impressions. WordPress particularly offers loads of ways you can personalise your blog. Step away from the yucky generic text and get creative.

These tips cover what any WordPress user can alter. If you are completely self hosted then you are of course opened to a whole other world of customisation. But let’s keep things simple for now.

I talk more about personalising your blog in my free guide to standing out online. You can download that here.

1. Change the favicon image

The favicon image is the little square icon that appears in the browser tab. By default, on WordPress you’ll see the little ‘W’ in a blue circle. Not many people realise that you can customise this, but it’s sooo easy.

Just hop over to the Customiser in your blog settings and select the tab ‘Site Identity’. Some themes will not allow you to customise the favicon, but most do. I took the pink heart from my logo and chose that to be my Favicon image. If you can, pick something relevant to your branding.


2. Update your Follower Settings

Now, this is where you’ll head to what I like to refer to as the techy WordPress area. The space that looks incredibly daunting and complicated. The WP Admin.

In ‘My Sites’ select ‘WP Admin’ and a new tab will open. Whizz to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Reading’ down the left hand side column. Scroll down the page until you see ‘Follower Settings’.

Rewrite those text areas to include your blog or personal name. This will make readers feel a little more special and welcomed when they follow your blog and comments.


3. Change the the sharing label

Most bloggers enable the little sharing area below all of their blog posts where readers are able to share it across their social media platforms. First of all, if you haven’t enabled this please make that your first priority. Just drag and drop the different services into ‘Enabled Services’ in ‘Settings’ and then ‘Sharing’. Woop.


 Once you’ve enabled the sharing services, I recommend you alter the sharing label. WordPress’s default label is simply, “Share this”. Why not get really get creative. Replace it with something like, “Share the love”, or like mine “Spread the word”. Just makes it a little more spesh.


4. Create a welcome message

In ‘Appearance’, and then ‘Customise’ you’ll see the tab ‘Widgets’.

Side note: I highly advise you fill your sidebar with widgets leading to other posts and links.

For now, create a welcome message with a featured image of yourself. I use the same image across my social media platforms to keep things consistent, but that’s entirely up to you.

I created a new image widget and then just wrote a little paragraph informing readers exactly what they can expect from reading my blog. Who are you? What can they gain by following you? What is your blog all about?





5. Choose your brand colours

Create a style for your blog and splash it all over your page. People will recognise you for this, so in effect they become your brand colours. I’d recommend choosing two or three complimentary colours. Hit Google and search, for example, ‘website colour schemes’, and pinch the colours you love.

My brand colours are yellow and pink. I use mine all over my blog, as well as on my social media platforms and email list.


Bonus Tip!

Include the day and name in your blog post URL. Simply go to the WP Amin and then ‘Settings’, ‘Permalink’s to change this. This will help search engines find and rank your blog posts when someone makes a search.



Want to learn more? Download my free guide, ‘Get noticed: A blogger’s guide to standing out online’.


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