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origins-skincare-trio-modern-friction-ginzing-scrub-drink-up-intensive-overnight-mask-collection-cosmetics-review-haulorigins-skincare-trio-modern-friction-ginzing-scrub-drink-up-intensive-overnight-mask-collection-cosmetics-review-haulorigins-skincare-trio-modern-friction-ginzing-scrub-drink-up-intensive-overnight-mask-collection-cosmetics-review-haulorigins-skincare-trio-modern-friction-ginzing-scrub-drink-up-intensive-overnight-mask-collection-cosmetics-review-haulFirstly, a huge thank you and virtual hug for all the love and positive feedback on yesterdays spontaneous post, ‘Favourite Free Fonts For Bloggers‘, you all seem to be as obsessed with typeface as I am. I am so excited to be talking about a trio of products I just can’t put away in this weeks review. Who knew these skincare goodies from Origins could bring such happiness to someone’s life, maybe a tad dramatic? I purchased them from my local Boots store around Christmas time when they were in fact in a gift set at a discounted price, (let’s get real, I wasn’t going to give them away), and I have fallen in love with them. Unfortunately, they are no longer available in a gift set but you can buy the full versions separately. These are the type of products that once purchased you just cannot live without. Shall we find out what the fuss is all about?

Side note: do you like my new white brick effect background? It’s actually a wallpaper sample from B&Q and cost absolutely nothing!

origins-skincare-trio-modern-friction-ginzing-scrub-drink-up-intensive-overnight-mask-collection-cosmetics-review-haul1. Modern Friction Nature’s Gentle Dermabrasion – £23.00
I’ll be honest, I had no idea what this product was when I first looked at it. What the heck’s dermabrasion? Origins says, “Skin-refining Rice Starch cushioned in cream, helps to rapidly remove sluggish cells, uneven patches and signs of skin damage and discolourations.” It’s basically an exfoliator minus the irritation that often comes with it. There’s no ouch, extra steps or other complications. No redness or flaking follows. I will just warn you that if you get this product in your eyes, it stings like craaazy, even just applying this whilst in the shower now terrifies me. But, I noticed an instant improvement in my skin and I now like to use this around twice a week.

Verdict: 8/10

2. Drink Up-Intensive Overnight Mask – £23.00
Without a doubt, this is my fave of the trio. I have never used a product like it. I’m not sure if it’s because I have never used an overnight mask or the product is truly perfection, but I know that I love it and need to buy the full size as soon as my miniature version runs out. Origins says, “Put dry skin to bed with this ultra-rich, hydrating overnight mask. Japanese Seaweed helps repair skin’s barrier to prevent future dehydration and signs of premature ageing. Skin awakens comfortable, refreshed, supple.” My skin seems to be getting dryer with age, and this product has been my saviour. I was nervous about leaving a new product on my face for the entire night but it really does work wonders. It’s a very thick white liquid, looks and feels very similar to a moisturiser, but it is truly luxurious and sends me straight into a deep sleep.

Verdict: 10/10

3. GinZing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser – £23.00
I have started to use this scrub almost daily. It’s so gentle that my skin isn’t irritated by it, similarly to the dermabrasion, but it’s a lot less powerful and overwhelming. Origins says, “Give dull, tired skin an extra boost with this icy cool gel mask. Coffee Beans energize. Cucumber refreshes. Hoelen Mushroom soothes. Skin’s get-up-and-glow is rapidly restored.” I am obsessed with the GinZing moisturiser because it gives my skin a lovely healthy glow, plus it smells like straight up oranges and this is basically the same thing but in scrub form. A little goes such a long way too which I always love.

Verdict: 10/10



Origins (UK)
Origins (International)

Have you tried any of these Origins skincare items? Which do you like the sound of?


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6 comments on “Origins Skincare Trio | Review”

  1. stashmatters says:

    I’ve had the unfortunate experience of getting that Friction scrub in my eyes too and OMG OUCH. I can’t use that stuff just simply because of that.
    Glad to hear the other 2 items scored perfect 10s!

    1. Clarina says:

      Really! I have no idea what is in that stuff but it burrrrnt. I’m sorry you had to go through it too haha. I can’t fault the other products 🙂

  2. Alifya says:

    Great review!! They all are lovely! 🙂

    1. Clarina says:

      Thank you! They are 🙂 Xx

  3. Sangeetha says:

    Great products and I really love those packaging. Well, to be honest, origins is one of the natural skincare product that I always wanted to try and I definitely give it a go once my old favourites come to an end.

    1. Clarina says:

      Thank you 🙂 I only starting using Origins about a year ago after products of theirs being on my wishlist for soooo long. But I’m so glad I did!

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