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When I think back to what affordable brushes used to be like, I quiver; foundation streaks and unblended eyeshadow were all too common. Since then, the drugstore has come on leaps and bounds, and I’m just not interested in pricey brushes anymore. Sponge tipped applicators and corse, rough hairs are definitely a thing of the past. I’ve found some right ol’ gems that are very luxurious and have become a major part of my daily makeup application routine. And you can pick all of these up from your local Boots and Superdrug! You guys loved my ‘Top 10 Makeup Brushes‘ post so I thought why not give you another? Shall we run through my top budget brushes?


1. Morphe Brushes M439 Deluxe Buffer Brush – £11.25

Morphe Brushes have exploded this year. It seems everyone has jumped on the bandwagon (including myself), and for all good reason. Their brushes are very high quality for such a low price. My favourite is their Deluxe Buffer Brush, perfect for flawless foundation application. The synthetic hairs are packed very densely together ensuring an even and very full coverage.

2. Morphe Brushes MB5 Deluxe Duo Foundation Brush – £11.25

Officially intended for foundation, this flat headed brush is loved by professional makeup artists. I however, love to use this for bronzer application. It’s the perfect size to sit in the hollows of the cheeks and blends the product out beautifully. If you were to use this for foundation, expect a lighter coverage and a lovely dewy finish.

3. Sigma E40 – Tapered Blending Brush – £11.20

Also known as my favourite blending brush of life. The bristles are super soft and the fluffy rounded tips makes the blending process oh-so effortless. I enjoy using the brush to apply an all over colour on the lids, as well as transition shades and even highlight on my cheekbones.

4. Real Techniques Shading Brush – £7.99

The Queen of shading brushes. I love to use this for precision in the crease and to darken a look up. The extended handle makes control so easy, I often like to hold the end for a lighter pressure which helps the blending process. This and the Sigma are all you need for eyeshadow application, I am thrilled I discovered them.

5. Real Techniques Powder Brush – £12.99

Alright, so the price is a little steeper than the others, but it’s totally worth it. This award winning (that’s right), brush from Real Techniques is amazing for powder application. No other brush gets the job done as quickly. I am head over heals for this one.

6. Real Techniques Blush Brush – £9.99

Hands down, the best brush for blush application. It sits perfectly on the apples of the cheeks and applies blush evenly with maximum pigmentation, whether you’re using creams or powders. The only thing I’m not keen of? Real Techniques seem to give their brushes widened handles at the base, intended for easy storage because they can stand freely, however it means they’re much more bulky than standard brushes. I can let that go though.

7. Real Techniques Setting Brush – £6.99

If you’ve read my blog posts before, you’ll know I’ve raved about this one (probably a little too much). This is the most universal brush ever. I like to use it to apply concealer under the eyes, cream highlight and contour the face, for base eyeshadow application, powdered highlight, the list is endless. I seriously need two of these because I find myself washing it far more than what I should be.

Oh! If you buy one of the selected brushes Real Techniques brush from Boots, you get another half price!

8. EcoTools Deluxe Fan Brush – £4.93

I feel like EcoTools aren’t credited enough for their brushes. Have you heard of them before? Their Deluxe Fan Brush is my favourite of them all. It’s perfect for applying a wash of powdered highlight on the high points of the face, particularly the cheekbones. All of their brushes are made with Bamboo & recycled materials, and truly are incredibly soft.

Have you used any of these brushes? Which are your faves?


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10 comments on “Best Budget Brushes”

  1. Alifya says:

    Love this! Thanks for sharing! :)xo

    1. Clarina says:

      Glad you enjoyed reading! Xx

  2. stashmatters says:

    I have that EcoTools fan brush, it’s so massive and awesome!
    And the RT Blush is awesome – it’s so big and fluffy, I love it for really pigmented blushes.

    1. Clarina says:

      I’m glad someone else has the fan brush haha! I’ve not known anyone else too 🙂 I’m also glad that you love it. I love how the Blush Brush doesn’t create a patchy mess, blends everything beautifully 🙂

  3. Sangeetha says:

    Gorgeous selection of makeup brushes that are more affordable to buy and also, super comfortable to use as well. Score! Well, those pictures look rockingly awesome. Have an amazing weekend ahead.

    1. Clarina says:

      Thank you Sangeetha! Have an amazing weekend too. 🙂

  4. Traci-Ann says:

    I love the RT blush brush too! It’s one of my favs! 🙂

    1. Clarina says:

      It’s amazing isn’t it! Perfect and doesn’t create blotchy blush 🙂

  5. Marné says:

    Hi Clarina, loved this post!!

    I also adore Real Techniques and am yet to find another brush just as soft as their Powder Brush, it’s just the best there is. I’ve got quite a small face so their Blush Brush is a bit too big for me, my blush ends up all over my face, so I use this brush for bronzer instead and it works absolutely perfectly for it!

    I’m from South Africa and here we don’t have Sigma brushes available in any stores (yet), we have to order online or import from Sigma themselves, which makes it very expensive with the current exchange rate. So Sigma for me is a high-end choice, but I love them and am slowly but surely building up a collection.

    I have not used any Morphe brushes, not even sure if they are available here, but would love to though. Thanks for a nice post!! xx

    1. Clarina says:

      Hey! I’m glad you enjoyed reading 🙂 That’s a very good point actually, the blush brush is pretty giant so I can understand why some people struggle to use it!

      That’s such a shame you don’t have Sigma yet. We don’t have them in stores but they’re online in UK stores so postage is next to nothing.

      I would highly recommend Morphe to you. Some people have complained that they shed and aren’t great quality but I’ve honestly never had a bad experience.

      Thanks for the feedback, have a lovely day xx

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