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I received the most lovely request in my email inbox a couple of weeks ago to write a post discussing everything I do to care for my hair; my routine, what products I like to use, how I grow it etc. etc. – a huge compliment considering I’m very lazy when it comes to hair. But, I have always tried hard to keep it in good condition, and have picked up some good tips and tricks along the way that really do work.

So, first a little information on my hair type. It’s thick, corse and naturally wavy (a nightmare to control and style). I do produce a lot of oil too which helps give hair a shine but means that I must wash it every other day to keep it looking fresh. And my best quality? It grows extremely quickly. Now, I’m not sure if this is because I care for it so well or it’s just naturally very good at growing.

My routine
There are three main products I love to use every time I wash my hair.

I buy the Shampoo & Conditioner in a pack for around £15 from here.

I’ve mentioned my love for TIGI products numerous times before on my channel. They’re very high quality but aren’t too pricey. The shampoo is thick, meaning a little goes such a long way. In fact, one giant bottle lasts me a whole year, I get a new one every Christmas – how good’s that? 

I condition my hair every time I have a shower. This is a huge must, no matter how naturally oily yours already is. Conditioning hair means it’s kept healthy, therefore simulating growth. I only apply conditioner onto the ends of my hair. I give it a good rub to ensure each hair is coated nicely and brush through with my fingers. I usually leave it in for around two minutes whilst I exfoliate and all the rest of it (let’s not go into too much detail). I like to give my hair an intense condition once a week; i’ll just leave it in for around 10 minutes and rinse.

The S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer can be used on wet or dry hair. I personally use it every time I’ve just washed my hair. I rub it into the ends and leave it. If I apply too much, the product does leave a sticky residue (sounds lovely, huh), but otherwise I absolutely love it.

How do I keep it looking shiny and healthy?
Do you really want to know my secret…? Do you…? I have never, ever put hair die on my roots. I have only ever dip dyed the ends (which caused major split ends and dryness so it was recently chopped off). I’ve never felt the need to die my hair, because most people that had just seemed to complain about the disheartening quality of theirs.

I suppose that I just keep my hair as natural as can be. I only use heat when I’m going somewhere nice, want to dry my hair quickly, or occasionally when i’m putting some effort into my appearance for a video!

The rest of it must be down to the products I use. If I’m away and am forced to use different products, my hair looks instantly more dull and lifeless.

How do I grow it?
Applying conditioner regularly, avoiding hair colouring and only using heat when necessary are key to hair growth. By just making a small change in your routine, I bet you notice a difference. For example, I only blow dry my hair if I’m in a rush to get out the door.

I would also recommend having a trim at your local salon every 6-8 weeks. Cutting the hair will cause it to sprout quickly. Why not have a chat with your hairdresser whilst your there? They often have great tips on how to grow hair in a healthy way.

I really hope you were able to gain some helpful points from this post. How do you care for your hair? Are you terrible with styling it too?


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4 comments on “My Haircare Routine | How I Care For My Hair”

  1. Abigail says:

    Aww thank you so much for posting this! I’ll check out the bed head shampoo….

    1. admin says:

      No problem! 🙂 You must.. it’s my favourite shampoo ever. Xx

  2. Sangeetha says:

    Whoa! Those pictures look so lovely and I could easily see the complete transformation of makeup from then to now. Gorgeous!

    1. admin says:

      Thank you 🙂 I barely used to wear any makeup (it’s a bad habit!) Haha.

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