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Ladies, no doubt you’re all having a lovely day, whatever you’re doing! I hope you all enjoyed Sundays video. It was indeed the time of the month where I talk about my top fave beauty products. You can hear in my voice I was dreadfully ill, but this YouTube thing is just too addictive and I just had to film. I have, however, sprung back into action after a much needed couple of days off and I’m ready to take on the world again. Plus, I have some very exciting things planned for the next couple of weeks, including some brand new and very fun videos over on my channel, and perhaps a couple of other things… (did someone say giveaway?).

But first, let’s focus on the now. Today I’m introducing a brand new blogger; everyone meet Khondwani from Lyla, Lyla, Pants On Fire! (Does anyone else love her blog name as much as I do?!) If you enjoy reading everything to do with style and fashion, head over to her blog and give her a follow because she is passionate about it. She can give you heaps of tips and hacks that every girl simply needs. So, let’s get to know Khondwani.


Why did you start blogging?
I am in last year of university, studying Business Management and Economics. I love dressing up and everything fashion. I wanted to do something different, something I love, and document it. Also I wanted to share some tips and hacks that I have found helpful with others.

Describe your blog in five words.
Budget-friendly fashion and lifestyle fun.

What helps give you inspiration/motivation?
Motivation comes naturally as I’m doing something I enjoy. Things that inspire me include: my culture (I’m African), music, and others (celebrities, stylists, bloggers). I’m also motivated and inspired by people who are doing what they love, even when it seems unconventional or unrealistic to others.

How do you stay organised?
Although I struggle with this severely, I keep little notebooks where I write down my ideas. I have different ones for different things e.g blog ideas, fitness. I also try to make a daily to do list and list every single activity I plan to do that day, no matter how small. I specify how much time I wish to spend on each task as well. I’ve also found that having a clean, uncluttered room helps me stay organised with everything else.

What type of posts do you enjoy reading the most? 
I love reading posts about blogging tips, fashion finds, DIY, make up, fitness tips and such.

How often can we expect posts from you?
I will be posting once a week, every Friday and hopefully will increase frequency in the near future.

What’s your favourite post to date?
My very first post is my favourite because it was a milestone for me.

What have you learnt in your time as a blogger?
I only recently started blogging and I’m yet to learn a lot more but one thing I would say I’ve learnt is to do all I can to not limit my posts to one particular audience.

What advice would you give to someone starting a blog?
Presentation is everything! I personally find it hard to stay on a blog if I don’t find the homepage good to look at. A nice and neat presentation is always good. Go for it!

What’s your favourite thing about blogging?
I love that I get to share bits of my personality with everyone and hopefully be a source of inspiration one way or another, the same way I’ve been inspired by other bloggers.

Which country are you from?
I’m from Zambia. Although I’m currently in the UK, studying.

How do you like to spend your weekends?
My weekends are mostly spent indoors, relaxing, window shopping or doing University work.

What are the top three things on your bucket list?
Travel, travel and travel. Everywhere!

What do you do to relax?
I live on YouTube. I’m always watching this tutorial or the next. I love to eat out whenever I can and I love to listen to music.

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