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I have recently received a lot of emails and comments from people wondering how I stay organised, so it’s obviously a topic people are concerned about. Keeping organised is something that has definitely taken me time to really get the hang of, and staying motivated is a major factor too. We all have our own lives outside of blogging, so it’s all about utilising the time you have and being prepared. These tips are not rules and they do not have to be followed, I love blogging because there are no rules. Use these as guidelines and advice. Happy blogging!

Have an idea? Create a new blog post and save it as a draft. Any idea is a good idea. This is the first step I always take when I have a ‘eureka’ moment. I am useless when it comes to remembering things so this is a must for someone as forgetful as me. Treat your drafts like diary entries, a place where you can jot down rough notes and not have to worry about anyone seeing it before you hit publish.

The days seem to role into one more and more the older I get. Does anyone else find this? Therefore, it can be very easy to lose track of what exactly I should be posting and when I should be posting it. I keep a detailed calendar on my laptop that’s updated daily and constantly open so I can see at a glance exactly what’s due. It prevents any scary ‘oh crap, I was supposed to post that post‘ moments, as well as giving me the satisfying feeling of being in control. I do like to make a note of personal things here to; this tends to help prevent any clashes (can you spot the cheeky spray tan?). If you prefer to jot things down on paper, you can buy a super cheap diary and use it for the same purpose, but personally I prefer less mess and to keep everything in one place.


February’s schedule

Lists are my best friend. At the start and end of each week, I make a priority ordered list stating exactly what I need to be getting on with next. The list often includes tasks like taking photographs, responding to emails, naming posts etc. I simply tick an item off when it’s complete. I find this is of massive use, especially when my mind is going into overdrive because there’s just too much to think about. I also like to create to-do lists at the top of each post draft, specifically things that are still outstanding. Keeping these points at the top of each draft allows me to see everything at a glance, even before I click to edit the draft itself.


My notepad lives in my handbag and I never leave the house without it. Do you know why? Because an idea often pops into my head in the most random of places, and it’s so frustrating when I later forget what the bloody hell it was. Afterall, you never know when a sudden burst of inspiration will hit you.

By creating a standard post checklist, you can check and double check you’ve done everything before hitting publish. Have you set a featured image? Checked all grammar and spelling? Included appropriate tags? It can be so easy to forget something that can make all the difference. I am going to dedicate a whole post on this so keep a look out!

I asked some of my fave beauty bloggers for one thing they always do to keep organised. Give all the lovely ladies a follow, I always enjoy reading their posts.

  1. “I edit blog photos straight away and put them in a folder dedicated to that up and coming post, that way when I write posts, I have organised folders of photos ready to go!” – Emily Kate Dale
  2. “My one tip is about photography. I can write a brilliant post but if I don’t have photos to go with it it will sit unloved in my drafts and get forgotten about, sometimes for good! I try to plan to do a load of photographs at once, ones for blog posts I know I have planned and also more random ones like images of things I have just bought or groups of makeup so that I have a bank of photos to turn to when I lack inspiration or when I am short on time.” – Traci-Ann Loves…
  3. “I’m a big believer in writing things down. With a hectic daily schedule, it’s hard to rely on my brain to remember everything. So I jot down ideas and facts when they come to me and go back and review them at a later time. This helps tremendously with blogging. I’ll take notes, especially when it comes to reviewing products, and consult those notes when it’s time to post my review on my blog.” – Lizzie Loves Beauty
  4. “The one thing I do to keep organised is to keep a notebook in which I list all the dates of my upcoming blog posts. I then keep a note on any blog post ideas and fill them in to my schedule and once I have scheduled the post I tick it off my list. I would say keeping a written record of blog posts is essential and a great way to be organised in advance!” – Styled by Lauren
  5.  “I usually jot down my potential posts in my planner and calendar so I know which one to draft sooner. Due to being in a fast-paced work environment, I usually write my draft at nights and take photos on the weekends. That way I don’t need to rush anything and everything is well-thought out before I post them in the weekend.” – CiCi
  6. “I stay organised by making note of blog post ideas as soon as I get them. You might like to keep a little notebook in your bag or make a list on your phone.” – Chanelle Hayley
  7. “Research is definitely a key in writing a good content blog post and I’m completely stick onto that fact all the time. Firstly, I make short notes by noting down some of the important hints and then later, I emphasise it elaborately. Secondly, time plays a vital role to make a good blog post efficiently and effectively and hence, I turn on the timer before starting a blog post and I’ll try to finish it before the timer sets off.  Next, having a good photograph adds such a  value to any blog post and hence, I always make sure the photos have already been taken and edited well before starting the blog post. Lastly, try to incorporate blog related links which might help your readers to move around your other blog posts too.” – Lifestylebites3

  8.  “What keeps me totally organised is my monthly scheduler. It’s simply a print out of an online planner in monthly day-to-day format. I usually print these out for at least 6 months in advance as I find myself scheduling post ideas around special future dates such as Christmas, Valentines, Anniversaries etc.I adore the fact that I can glance at it in an instant & know what post is appearing & on what day/date. If I get a ‘EUREKA’ moment, I can very quickly whip my monthly planner page(s) out, check to see what days are free for my idea to feature and get it jotted down pronto. Overall it’s just a super way to keep track of what’s happening (& when) on the blog. You’ll be super surprised at how quickly the month fills up & seeing your features planned out makes you feel really efficient & in control.” – Confetti & Curves


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24 comments on “5 Tips to Keeping Organised”

  1. Amazing tips 😊 I struggle to keep organised with blogging & my Younique business as well as a full time job 😯 thank you xoxoxo

    1. Clarina says:

      Thank you 🙂 wow that’s a lot of work! You must find you have to stay organised in order to keep up xxxx

      1. Your welcome 😊 aha you’d be surprised to be honest!! Organised chaos 😉😉 xxxx

        1. Clarina says:

          Haha yes organised mess! Xxxx

          1. Haha yep! Need to get more organised though xoxo

  2. Jani V says:

    These are all great ideas and advice! I will definitely try to incorporate some of these. I do some of them but my main focus right now is school and doing well so that usually comes first than working on posts. I try to keep a few done beforehand for when things get crazy busy.

    1. Clarina says:

      Thank you! I’m glad you found them helpful. That’s understandable that your main focus is school. You don’t want to put blogging before it! I always try to have a couple of posts in the bag. Then it’s super easy to just do a few tweaks and hit publish 🙂 xx

  3. Traci-Ann says:

    Great post and some really transferable tips here! 🙂 Thanks for including my comment…great to read what others had to say too.x

    1. Clarina says:

      Thank you Traci-Ann! No problem at all 🙂 thanks for your tip! Xx

  4. what a great read! Good job Clarina!

    1. Clarina says:

      Thank you! Glad you found it useful

  5. CiCi David says:

    Thank you for featuring me here! I love reading your tips and other blogger’s way of organizing their blog! 🙂

  6. These are great tips and things I definitely do with my blog! x


  7. Wow you are so organised. Have seen some great tips for me to follow here X

    1. Clarina says:

      Haha I do try! It’s so easy to go off track and these are the best ways (i’ve found) to prevent that from happening. Thank you 🙂 X

  8. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Thanks for giving me this great opportunity to participate in your blog post. Girls! Check out my organisation tips on Claire’s post.

    1. Clarina says:

      Thank you! I loved featuring your handy piece of advice 🙂

  9. Thank you so much to participate in your blog. Lovely post and great tips out there.

    1. Clarina says:

      No problem at all! Thank you for participating and for giving such a useful tip 🙂

      1. Thanks for giving me this opportunity too.

  10. Chanelle says:

    Loved reading this post, thank you for asking me to be involved! All of these tips are so useful x

    1. Clarina says:

      Aww good! No problem at all – I’m really thankful for your input. Xx

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