Review | Morphe Brushes 35W – 35 Color Warm Palette

Good day ma’ loves. What have you been up to? Christmas shopping…? Get comfy as you scroll through another review, this time i’m nattering on about the Morphe Brushes 35W – 35 Color Warm Palette.

I didn’t have to think twice about buying this palette. The selection of shades for a small price is one thing, but the fact that they are some of the best quality shadows i’ve ever tried is another. 


Contains: 35 warm tone eyeshadows
Price: $39.99 $19.99

The promise

“From everyday to evening colors, create a natural or dramatic look with these deep, rich and intense natural colors. Perfect for the everyday girl or for your beautiful bride. These eye shadows are highly pigmented and a little goes a long way. Super soft and easy to blend.” – Morphe Brushes

What’s all the fuss about?

I have been using Morphe Brushes eyeshadows for a while and they seem to improve the quality of the shadows each time they introduce a new collection. I wouldn’t say the quality is as good as Makeup Geek, but it’s getting pretty damn close.

I particularly love the 35 Color Warm Palette because they have such a wide selection of warm shades with plenty of neutrals. There’s nothing scary about this palette. If you’re a beginner with makeup, I would highly recommend this palette to you. It’s got every shade you’ll ever need and it’s very similar to the MAC Warm Neutrals palette, as well as having some other MAC dupes. I speak about that more in depth on my Morphe Brushes Review post.

The shades are very blendable and creamy. Morphe Brushes use Mineral Oil in their shadows which is why they’re such a buttery formula. My only bug bear about this palette are the black shades; they lack pigment and look more of a dark grey. The palette comes with one matte black and one shimmery black. It’s difficult to find a palette with a true black so if that’s what you are looking for I wouldn’t go for this one. I find that I have to rummage around my collection for an alternative.

Another pet hate of mine is when companies don’t name their shadows. It’s very frustrating trying to identify the shades, but I suppose if you’re not a beauty blogger you probably don’t mind so much.

Morphe Brushes do not sell the eyeshadows included in their palettes separately. They may be similar on some occasions but this is done so customers don’t wind up with duplicate colours. This is something which doesn’t really make sense to me because if I love a shade in the palette i’d like to be able to purchase it separately without having to get the entire palette again.

Whatever issues there are, they are completely over ridden by the fact that this palette is so bloody cheap.

Watch my Morphe Brushes Review, Mac Dupes, Tutorial & First Impressions to see this palette in action.

In a nutshell…

♥ Cheap
♥ Great for beginners
♥ A wide selection of warm tones
♥ Very similar to the MAC Warm Neutrals palette
♥ Creamy, blendable formula
♥ Very versatile
♥ High in pigment (except for the blacks)
♥ Good quality
♥ Shadows cannot be purchased separately

Shop the product – $19.99
This product is only available in the USA but I used international shipping to get my order.

Have you tried this palette? What do you think? Is it as dreamy as I think it is?
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0 comments on “Review | Morphe Brushes 35W – 35 Color Warm Palette”

  1. It is certainly a perfect palette and the brand is also well sought after and hence, the quality of the product is satisfactory too but, the only point that is putting off is that it is only available in US.

    1. Clarina says:

      Completely agree! Well worth the shipping though. If you buy in bulk it makes it worth it 😉 their brushes are amazing too.

      1. Yes, I have completely did read your blog post stating about morphe brushes and I totally loved it.

        1. Clarina says:

          Good! I’m glad you did. Thanks for reading

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