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In all of my blogging life, I have never written a post featuring my most used and loved makeup brushes – it’s time to change that. I really believe that makeup applies differently depending on the type and quality of the brush you use. It’s taken me years to test out all of the various styles of makeup brushes, but I am finally so happy with my collection, despite the painful extra expense of the P&P from America (why don’t we have Sigma or Morphe Brushes?!). So, i’ve narrowed down my current favourites for you. In my opinion, everybody needs these makeup brushes in their life. If you’re just starting out with makeup, these brushes are perfect because they’re affordable and they’re the basics that you need to achieve a full face. Some of the brushes mentioned were used in my ‘how to achieve a flawless, matte base’ video, so head over to watch that to see them in action. I have also used all of these in tutorials. Let’s get started.

Sigma E40 Tapered Blending – $16

In my opinion, this is the best eye makeup brush out there, and it’s also Sigmas bestseller. I have tried similar blending brushes from numerous brands but they just don’t blend out the product as well as this one does. This is a very fluffy brush, great for the application of a transition shade into the crease or gentle blending of colour to soften harsh lines. I also use this brush to apply highlight to my brow bone and cheek bones.


Sigma F10 Powder/Blush Brush – $24.00

I love to use this brush to apply my loose translucent powder because it’s so fluffy with a soft slightly beveled edge. It sweeps perfectly under the eyes and doesn’t cause the creams i’ve just applied to break up and separate. I love it for blush too because it’s the perfect size for the apples of the cheeks. I just wish I had another one so I didn’t have to keep spot cleaning in between uses or settling for another very old brush!


Real Techniques Setting Brush – £5.59

This brush is great because it’s so universal. It’s officially meant for the application of powdered highlight but I mostly use it to apply my concealer and cream highlights – who uses brushes for their actual purpose anyway? I have also used it to apply a structured contour if I’m going for something a little more dramatic. It’s perfect for applying product in large and small quantities and the size of the brush means that it can get into all areas of the face, I especially love it for applying concealer under the eyes. It’s a synthetic hair brush, not a natural hair so it doesn’t grab hold of any of the product which I love because that of course means less waste.


Morphe Brushes M439 Deluxe Buffing Brush – $27.99 $13.99

This brush is the best liquid foundation brush that i’ve ever used. It replaced the Sigma F80 Flattop Kabuki brush for me because the size of it gets the job done quickly. It doesn’t leave me with any streaks and it makes foundation application so effortless, plus it blends the product out beautifully. Beauty bloggers have been raving about this brush so much recently, and it’s affordable which is also an added bonus. If you’re just starting out with makeup, I would highly recommend this brush.


Morphe Brushes MB5 Deluxe Duo Foundation Brush – $13.99

This is officially a foundation brush, however I love to use it to apply my bronzer with. It’s large enough to fit very nicely in the hollows of my cheeks and around the temple area. I love how soft it is and it blends out the product so nicely and effortlessly.


Morphe Brushes M431 Precision Pencil Crease Brush – $9.98 $4.99

This is more of a recent purchase of mine, and sadly now dyed red because I used fake blood on it for my recent Halloween tutorial; it was originally white and it’s a natural hair brush. There are so many over priced pencil brushes out there, i’m so happy I found an affordable one which blends out the product so well. I will use this brush on my lower lash line after applying shadow – this just buffs it all out and makes it flawless with no harsh lines or sparse areas.


Sigma E65 Small Angle Brush – $14.00

This brush features a sharp, slanted edge with synthetic fibres. I actually got this product free when I purchased the Sigma Premium Kit – yay!. This is one of Sigmas best selling brushes and is ideal for creating the perfect line for controlled winged liner (mines in the cute travel size). I prefer to use a liquid liner with the brush included with the product so I like to use this brush to fill in my brows. I have recently been using shadows rather than a pencil for my brows and this brush is perfect for that.


Sigma E35 Tapered Highlighter Brush – $24.00

This is my favourite brush for applying powdered highlights with. It’s tapered which means the ends meet in a dome shape, making the application more precise and concentrated. I think this brush can tend to get over looked by people, but I use it everyday with my Shimmering Skin Perfector from Becca Cosmetics (read my review) and I absolutely love it.


Sigma E25 Blending Brush – $14.00

This brush is a slightly denser and natural hair version of the Tapered Blending brush from Sigma. It’s made for blending out shadows and to soften intense lines and edges. I love it for combining colours on the lid, especially when I use a lot of browns and then a harsh black out the outer corner. I also sometimes use this to apply shadow on my lower last line for a blown out look, i’ll then go in with the Pencil Brush to apply darker shadows on top. It’s also great for all over colour. If you’re a beginner then I would recommend this brush along with the E40 and they’ll be all you need for eyeshadow application.


Real Techniques Sculpting Brush – £7.99

Last but not least is another all time favourite of mine. This brush has a wide, angled head specifically designed to help create defined contours. It reminds me of an angled version of the Morphe Deluxe Buffing Brush. I used this on my recent Halloween tutorial. It’s beautifully soft and it doesn’t take hundreds of backwards and forwards motions to blend the product out. This is the only contour brush i’ve found that works with a large amount of product but also blends it out smoothly. This brush can also be used to apply a soft wash of blush to your cheeks.


I would be so lost without these brushes. If you’re looking for good quality brushes at a cheaper price I would highly recommend Real Techniques. They’re the quality of high end brushes and have recently become my favourites. I wish I had discovered them before investing in Sigma! What’s you favourite brand of makeup brushes? Let me know down below, i’d love to hear!

Are you unsure of how to deep clean your brushes? Read my blog post!


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0 comments on “My Top 10 Makeup Brushes”

  1. Traci-Ann says:

    I get my Sigma brushes from Amazon for reasonable prices. I haven’t found Morphe brushes though and I’d love to try them. 🙂

    1. Clarina says:

      Aah I wouldn’t have thought of that! I suppose on Amazon you wouldn’t get any extra discount on them or one brush free if you wanted to buy a full set, it would be great for individual brushes 🙂

  2. I’ve had my eye on the RT setting brush for so long, I really need to get my hands on it!

    1. Clarina says:

      Do it! Haha it’s so affordable and I actually would like to buy another one so I can use one for concealer and the other for powder highlights – is that high maintenance? Haha. It’s so universal.

      1. That’s actually not at all a bad idea!!

        1. Clarina says:

          They’re only around £5 each – bargain!

          1. Once my no buy is over I’ll probably get two!

          2. Clarina says:

            Haha why not. Sounds very good to me!

  3. Icy Sedgwick says:

    I love Real Techniques – but I just discovered Make Up Geek brushes are pretty good too!

    1. Clarina says:

      Yes I’ve heard great reviews on those! I’d love to try them but I can’t justify the cost of shipping. Which ones from them do you have?

      1. Icy Sedgwick says:

        I got the small crease brush but I bought a few eyeshadows to make the shipping worth it!

        1. Clarina says:

          Haha that’s not a bad idea! I can’t picture the small crease brush, a lot of people are using the angled foundation brush, looks very similar to the Sigma Kabukis but it’s cheaper!

  4. Love this! Real techniques is quickly becoming my favorite affordable brand for brushes!

    1. Clarina says:

      Thanks! Yeah they’re such good quality. I wish I’d bought a full set before I got my Sigma.

      1. I only have one brush from sigma (f80) but I’ve been wanting to try out that blending brush too. I just bought a full real techniques brush set and I’m in love!!!

        1. Clarina says:

          The F80 is amazing for foundation to be fair. The morphe buffing brush replaced that for me but I’d still recommend the kabuki. Which set did you buy? I love the face brushes from Real Techniques and the eye brushes from Sigma best.

          1. I’ll have to try out some sigma eye brushes then! I also purchased the Eco tools complexion collection set and love that one too!

          2. Clarina says:

            Ooh I just bought a couple of brushes from Eco Tools and they’re on the way to me. I have the contour brush and it’s sooo soft and great quality so I wanted to buy more! Which set did you buy?

          3. It’s called “complexion collection.” I did a review on each brush in the set a few months ago. There was maybe one that wasn’t amazing, but the rest I really love!

          4. Clarina says:

            Ooh i’ll head over and take a look 🙂

  5. Brilliant post and J wish I own all of them and I totally love RT brushes as it is versatile, affordable and easy to purchase in UK

    1. Clarina says:

      Yes! They are so lovely and good quality. Would highly recommend them 🙂 also Sigma are amazing but bit more pricey! Xx

      1. Yes, sigma is quite expensive

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