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It’s that time of the week again! I was very naughty and missed last week, due to life. Today I am talking all about the Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush because I have been obsessed recently – and yes, I am classing that as a product, because it’s been a skin changer for me.

The promise
“Dermatologist-developed. Sonic movement offers deep yet gentle cleansing. Two bristle types for targeted cleansing in hard-to-reach, contoured areas of the face where dirt hides. In today’s environment, skin needs a deeper clean. The Brush’s gentle sonic action helps dislodge a world of impurities, dirt and pollution that hand washing may miss. Even helps lift residue of makeups and sunscreens.” –

How to use
I use this brush every single morning and every single night. It’s become as routine as brushing my teeth and it kind of looks and feels like a giant electric toothbrush because that’s effectively what it is.

Clinique advise that you use this product after taking your makeup off, however if the product you’re using with the brush promises to remove all traces of makeup then this can be ignored. They only say this because some products don’t remove makeup and it can cause the makeup to sink into the pores the brush is cleaning out.

The brush turns off automatically after 30 seconds and in this time the brush should be used around the cheek area and then on the t-zone with the tougher green bristles. Exfoliate and moisturise as normal after use. A lot of people mistake this brush for an exfoliator, it does not exfoliate – it deep cleanses.

This brush is difficult to keep white, but I always make sure to wash it with anti-bacterial soap before and after each use. The head can be easily removed for cleaning underneath too because dirt can get trapped there.

So, what’s all the fuss about?
I think with the cooler months quickly approaching, it’s good to care for our skin even more so and this device is kind, once I learnt how to use it. This brush is another version of the original Clarisonic brush. I have been through skin hell with this thing but I have learnt to love it. The biggest task for me was to find a product that works well with it, I now use the Purity Made Simple 3 in 1 Cleanser – you can read my review on that here. This product works so well with this brush because it’s a thick liquid so none is wasted.

I suffer with blemishes and oily skin, and this brush really upset my skin to start with; it broke me out and gave me blackheads. If you would like to hear my full story on this then just let me know in the comments. 

I love this brush because it is waterproof so you can use it in the bath and the shower. I will warn you, if you start using this brush and then stop for a few days, you will get visible blackheads which are difficult to shift. This brush has become a part of a strict routine i’ve had to set. I don’t use it on my chin, it instantly breaks me out because this is the area I most suffer with blemishes. I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my skin since using this product. It’s baby soft and smooth all over including the dreaded t-zone.

The brush comes with a handy charger which can connect as a USB device (so you can charge it on your laptop if you’re on the move), or as a standard plug socket connection. I find I only need to charge it for a few hours every couple of months; a handy light flashes on the brush if it’s low battery.

In a nutshell
♥ May be problematic to start with
♥ Deep cleanses skin
♥ Very gentle
♥ Quite pricey
♥ Have to be strict and use it daily
♥ Can cause blackheads
♥ It is waterproof
♥ Advisable you use it with a foam or thick liquid cleanser
♥ Removes dirt
♥ Works with all skin types
♥ Fast charging

Shop the product (UK)
Different heads are available for this brush depending on your skin type. £20 each.
Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush – £89.00


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  1. Have you ever tried the Olay version? Wondering whether to purchase it!

    1. Clarina says:

      No 🙁 I’ve just tried the Clinique! I think they all work in the same way – I found the reviews for the Clarasonic to be pretty much identical to the Clinique, good and bad. The Olay’s a hell of a lot cheaper and would probably work in exactly the same way! They all just really deep cleanse the skin. Hope that helped x

      1. Yeah, I don’t really want to have to splash out the cash as such on a Clarisonic when every product seems to have both good and bad reviews! Thankyou for helping x

        1. Clarina says:

          No problem! They’re all basically the same 🙂 x

  2. Love to hear about the pros and cons of the product and I love your picture with the cleansing brush action on

    1. Clarina says:

      I think I will do a full video talking about it. There’s so much I found wrong with it that obviously the staff just don’t tell you! Thanks 🙂 I had to get my sister to take that haha

      1. Sure. Looking forward to the video.

        1. Clarina says:

          Looks like it will have to be first week of November! But it will be up 🙂 x

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