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Recently I decided to start a ‘Blog Advice’ series, on the 1st of every month i’ll post a fresh piece of blog advice in the hope that you can benefit from reading it – I love reading hints and tips on how I can improve my blog even more. Last months piece (50 Beauty Blog Post Ideas) got a lot of positive feedback so be sure to read that if you haven’t already. On the first of every month, pop on over to read my fresh piece of blog advice, this week it’s all about my blogging and YouTube routine.


It’s been 9 months since I started blogging – that’s gone so quickly! In order to keep posting around 3 times a week as well as filming and uploading a new video every Sunday, I have to follow a strict routine and stay very organised. I was scared to discipline myself at first because I want blogging to stay fun and something I enjoy doing, not a yucky job I feel I should do. So, I’ve broken my main routine down and mentioned a few things I always make sure to do to keep organised – enjoy!

My Routine


I use my notebook (£9.99 from Paperchase) to jot down my any blog and YouTube ideas that pop into my head. I keep it in my handbag because I often think of ideas when i’m out and about, in the most random of places. If I’m feeling not very inspired, I will head to YouTube for some ideas, or i’ll do a tag I was tagged in. I used to log all of my ideas on my computer but I would rather have access to them all of the time. I also find it’s really helpful to use this to make a note of any photographs I need to take.

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My calendar has been my saviour. I jot down all of the days i’m going to post and upload on. Below is a screenshot of my August schedule. All of the purple tasks are related to WordPress and YouTube, the blue are personal such as appointments etc. This was such a hectic month, you can see I was uploading mid week.

First Draft & Photographs:

I always start jotting down notes in a post and then save a draft; I tend to do this weeks before publishing it. I post my ‘Product of the Week‘ every Tuesday, one every Sunday along with my video and occasionally another random one will be thrown in too. Since starting full-time work, it’s become harder and harder to write posts and upload videos for their scheduled day because I only have the evenings and weekends to do so. I will usually get home from work and dash upstairs to take photographs for my new blog post before the sun goes to sleep (natural lighting is everything!). Then I will spend an hour or so editing the photographs, inserting them into a post and I will begin writing. Most of my photographs are take on my beauty area or my bed, it took a while to find the right area but i’m happy with them now. There’s also nothing wrong with prettifying your posts by using artificial flowers or candles.


Saturdays are dedicated to filming. I usually like to film a tutorial and then another video immediately after which is why i’m often in the same clothing! (Killing two birds with one stone is how I role – what a horrible saying). I tend to hop over to YouTube and watch a few videos before filming to get into the right frame of mind (I still get nervous). I always take my thumbnail image straight after filming and edit it as my video is uploading on the Sunday. I edit all of my photographs on Adobe Photoshop CS6, but you could free softwares such as GIMP or PhotoPlus.

Edit & Upload:

Sundays are edit and upload day. If I can edit on the Saturday then I will because I usually like to schedule upload my videos to go up around 5pm on Sunday so I’m not having to spend my whole weekend on YouTube. However, this of course means that my Saturdays are crammed full. If i’ve filmed more than one video on the Saturday, I will occasionally upload on Wednesdays. I have found that Sundays are the most popular day to upload on YouTube and Tuesday’s are the best for blog posts – how random. You can find this information for your blog by selecting ‘My Sites’, ‘Stats’ and then ‘Insights’.

Finding the balance has been the hardest thing, but my blogging and YouTube routine has definitely become easier since making the strict schedule; I had to create one because I was becoming quite sloppy and confused with what was due. I have also had a few requests more recently so I have to squeeze them in my schedule where possible, but I’ve found it’s best to pop them in for a few weeks prior to the request when i’m less busy.

Tags and Categories:

I feel like I’m heading off towards a tangent now but tagging your posts is so important, the more that you tag the more viewers you are likely to get. People can search for tags on the WordPress Reader so your aim should be to appear in the most popular tags, but obviously try to only tag what is relevant to your post.

I also spent a lot of time organising my blog into categories. Each time I write a post, I link it to the suited category located in the navigation bar on my blog page. This makes it super easy for the user to locate my posts depending on what they’re looking for. I always include the tag “All” so the reader can view all of my posts if they like. Below is what I tagged and categorised on my most recent post.

Social Media:

The final step of my blogging and YouTube routine is promoting it on Social Media. I feel like this sort of thing is so competitive now so you have to get your name out there. I have connected all of my posts to my Twitter and Google+ so my updates are automatically posted. I would highly recommend doing this because you’ll notice a peak in visitors approaching your blog! I occasionally also post my thumbnail of the post/video to Instagram to promote it there as well.

I put up with a hectic schedule because I love blogging and YouTubing, so I don’t mind! I hope this post helped you in some way and i’ll see you next month with another piece of blog advice.

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If you have any questions please ask me in the comments below!

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  1. lifebylaurax says:

    Great advice 🙂 can I ask what editing platform you use for your videos? Xx

    1. Clarina says:

      Thanks 🙂 glad you found it helpful! I use iMovie. It came with my Mac so it’s what I’ve always used! Xx

  2. Amanda Bella says:

    Great post! I love seeing how other bloggers organize themselves – this was really interesting + helpful! Thank you for sharing 🙂 XOXO

    1. Clarina says:

      Thank you! I completely agree 🙂 Glad you found it helpful xxx

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