50 Things That Make Me Happy | Part 1!

Hello everyone!

I was tagged to do this post by the lovely Emma from Emma Loves Beauty. Head over to her blog and check it out if you haven’t already – it’s awesome and I love all of her posts.

So this tag is very easy, I am just going to mention 50 things that make me happy.

This post is split into two parts because there’s a lot to mention! Part 2 will be published a week from today.


So let’s get rolling…

50. Holidays – because who doesn’t like them?

49. Summer parties – they’re amazing because they’re always outside which somehow makes them better.

48. Pimms – what is life without Pimms.

47. Alcohol in general – make mine a large white.

46. Fairy Lights – new obsession! I feel like a moth to a flame.

45. Clinique – it loves my skin so I love it.

44. Debenhams – it’s my vision of heaven.

43. Filming – I love it and I never want to stop!

42. YouTube – as above.

41. Organising – the thought is horrific but it’s just so damn satisfying.

40. Creating – I guess i’m a creative person… whether or not my stuff actually looks any good is a different matter.

39. My MacBook Pro– my baby; and it’s dying a slow painful death.

38. My morning cup of tea – aah.

37. My new hair – I’m officially half blonde and I love it.

36. Coronation Street – good ol’ Corrie. The sense of humour is the best.

35. No makeup days – *skin gasps for air*

34. Netflix – perfect night in. Although there are some VERY strange and versatile films on there.

33. Binge eating – donuts, popcorn, cake, chocolate, cheesecake mmm.

32. My boyfriend – he got away from me for 2 months and now he’s back, i’m so happy.

31. Having something to look forward to – I live to be excited about something at any given time.

32. BBQ’s – its officially British summer and the BBQ’s are flowing nicely.

31. UGG boots – is it wrong to wear them in Summer? I feel like everyone would stare. I miss them!

30. Graphic Design – it’s my profession, I should love it!

29. Fab ice lolly’s – Childhood memories, although they do stinge on the chocolate and sprinkles now!

28. Graduating – makes it all feel worth it.

27. Cleanliness – life is such a simpler place if everything is clean.

26. Animals – Huge animal lover except for horses and cats because they make me sneeze!

25. Music – there’s something about finding an amazing song and playing it over and over until you hate it…


I have to say this post was very for-filling and it definitely made me feel good and appreciate what’s around me a little bit more.

Check back for my next post to see if I tag you to list 50 things that make you happy!


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