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Hi lovelies!

Today I just wanted to share with you a couple of things that I bought for my “beauty area”; which has been an unexpected and ongoing process. When I moved out of my University house I suddenly had everything back at home with me again and I had nowhere to store my makeup and products, so I decided to buy some makeup storage (read that post here), which then lead on to me re-doing the whole area, naturally.

You can also take a peek my completed beauty area (without these new extras), here.

So, these are my most recent additions:


Glass jar with rope and silver heart – £1.49 from B&M

I instantly fell in love with this jar, it can prettify any area. It would be super easy to make from scratch but the price was right so I just bought it to save time and effort.

I bought three of the large candles in the jar because it fit perfectly. I also had two other empty jars that I knew the other two candles with fit into (below). The candles were from B&M and cost £2.99 for three. I think the jars below were also from B&M, I got them a while ago.


“Home Sweet Home” glass jars


“Home Sweet Home” glass jars

I think I had been quite clever with the next purchase… I wanted something that looked nice to store my palettes in an easy to reach way. I found this letter holder from Asda Home and it’s perfect! It stores my most used palettes (and the not so great Naked Nudes one).


Letter holder to store my most used palettes – £6.99 from Asda Home


Letter holder to store my most used palettes – £6.99 from Asda Home

The next purchase was an absolute bargain, and they smell amazing! They’re oil for my Yankee Candle holder that I got for Christmas. The oil pours into the top of the holder and when a candle is burning below, it releases gorgeous scents that fragrance the whole room. I got the scents in Jasmine and Vanilla – the only down side is that you can’t smell them until you open the packaging so it was a bit risky!


Oil for my Yankee Candle holder – 99p for three!


Oil for my Yankee Candle holder – 99p for three!

Thanks for reading! If you have any requests on what you would like to see on my blog please let me know in the comments! xx


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15 comments on “Mini Beauty Area Haul | BARGAINS!”

  1. those jars! major crush 😀

    1. I know! Aren’t they gorgeous 😛 xx

  2. I just nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! go check out my post!

    1. Thank you so much! I’ll be sure to do that 🙂 x

  3. Georgia Hope says:

    Love the Asda letter holder and the first jar! xx
    Chasing Belle

    1. Thank you! I love them too – so cheap for how nice they are!

  4. I had those jars until I accidentally knocked them off lol. I love seeing where other people do their makeup and how they decorate it. X

    1. Oh no! Did they smash? They’re so pretty and I suppose they’re cheap enough to just replace 🙂 thanks for reading! 🙂 x

  5. Love the mrs, ad the letter holders!! Especially since its holding your pallet ; )

    1. thank you! I know 😉 it’s the perfect fit x

  6. rabia says:

    I love B&M jars! Great post! x

    1. Thank you! I know they’re lovely aren’t they! Jars in general are just a bit of an obsession of mine at the moment x

    1. Thank you so much! I’ll have that up and ready by next Monday 🙂 much love x

      1. Chanelle says:

        You’re welcome, can’t wait to read it 🙂 x

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