Makeup Storage Ideas

This blog post will be exploring various makeup storage ideas. This is based on what I already use and what I have my eye on as some options.

As I was filming a tutorial the other day I realised how chaotic my makeup drawer is. Everything is everywhere and I can’t find anything. What’s more is products are becoming damaged because of this so I am on a storage hunt.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.48.47

Makeup drawer

What I am particularly happy with are the way I store my brushes (below). This was super easy to create. You could buy a pot like the ones below from most stationary stores such as Paperchase, they double up as brush holders which is great. I bought two plain wooden blocks and glued teared up pieces of patterned tissue paper to them. This created a really fun look that was tailored to my taste.


Brush holders


Brush holders

I bought these three boxes as a cheap option for the time being. I used one for facial makeup, one for eyes and the other for lips which worked quite well during uni. Now that I’m home I have a lot more makeup to store.


Makeup storage


Face makeup


Eye makeup


Lip products

I keep my eye shadow palettes in this gorgeous napkin holder! I got this for about £2 in a sale at paperchase. This is great however only about 4 palettes can fit in.


Eyeshadow Palette Holder

Most You Tubers have the see-through Acrylic drawers. They’re ideal because you can see your makeup which saves looking in every compartment to find something. These are all used by Jaclyn Hill, the beauty YouTuber.


Acrylic drawers


Elevated Acrylic Lipstick Holder


Lipgloss Holder


Compact Organiser


Eyeshadow Organiser


Deep Drawer Organisers


More Deep Drawer Organisers


Shallow Drawer Organisers

Click the links below to purchase them or to take a closer look:

Acrylic Drawers – $27.95
Elevated Acrylic Lipstick Holder – £6.28 for the large one
Lipgloss Holder – $24.99
Compact Organiser – $19.99
Eyeshadow Organiser – $19.99
Deep Drawer Organisers – starts at £2.74
More Deep Drawer Organisers – starts at £7.06
Shallow Drawer Organisers – starts at £2.35

You can get all of the products from Amazon. Sorry the prices are switching between $ and £ (American companies seem to have them all!)

These organisers are just easy, cheap ways of storing all of your makeup. I’ve seen some people have full on furniture, mainly from Ikea but I don’t think this is necessary.


You must recognise these!

View this here. has loads of gorgeous makeup storage options but it is a bit more pricey.


My Skincare Hamper

At the moment I am throwing all of my skincare products into this hamper which is OK (sort of) but it’s becoming very full and I can’t find anything.


So, I have just been shopping for a good makeup container and I thought I may as well report back before I post this blog. I found these on Amazon:


Makeup Storage – £23.55


Elevated Lipstick Storage – £3.38

My Makeup storage
My Elevated Lipstick Storage

I hope this helped you. It helped me to get my ideas down and decide what I want to buy to store my makeup in. My makeup is an ever growing collection and the further time progresses the harder it’s getting.

I’ll do another blog and maybe a video when the storage arrives and I have it all set up – it doesn’t quite look as satisfying when it’s empty does it?

Thanks for reading! xx


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12 comments on “Makeup Storage Ideas”

  1. chiezhi says:

    Great ideas!

    Thinking of purchasing some of those see-through holders. My lipsticks and eyeshadows are in a pile/clump and it’s a bit difficult to search through them..

    1. Yeah that’s the exact reason I bought them! I had to do something haha. And the one I bought seems to work really well! 🙂

      1. chiezhi says:

        haha, that’s great! 😀

  2. bohocharming says:

    So tumblr x this is so helpful.
    It would be awesome if you check out my blog 💙

    1. Thank you! Yeah definitely 🙂

  3. alyssia305 says:

    Nice ideas!

  4. lillya12 says:

    Thanks for the makeup storage ideas. I will definitely be using a few of those…

    1. claireelsley says:

      I’m glad it helped 🙂

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