My FULL Everyday Beauty Routine

If you’re nosey like me, you’ll love moments where you can peek into someone else’s life to see what they do as part of their routine.

Yesterday I decided to film my full everyday beauty routine. This included my morning skincare, my everyday makeup, hair and outfit. Basically every step that I take before leaving the house (apart from eating etc. of course!).

This is the first video where i’ve filmed parts outside of my bedroom which is exciting!


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6 comments on “My FULL Everyday Beauty Routine”

  1. Thanks for sharing! Your so pretty btw! Also how did you create that overlay with the text in it?

    1. claireelsley says:

      Hey! Thank you 🙂 do you mean in the photograph of the cover of my YouTube video? I used Photoshop to put a shape over the picture then just created a new layer with the text on top 🙂 is that what you meant?

      1. Yeah, that’s what I meant. Thanks!

        1. claireelsley says:

          Ok 🙂 hope that helped!

  2. savvyzone says:

    lovely post, i also have a skincare blog for oily skin would like if you could check it out at

    1. claireelsley says:

      Thanks 🙂 I’ll check it out I’m always looking for tips!

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