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For Valentine’s Day this year I decided to do something a little bit different. I wanted to give my boyfriend something that was a little bit “outside of the box” so I decided that I wanted to create a very personal and sentimental piece of… something. Initially, it wasn’t going to be an A3 poster but that’s what ended up happening.

As a Computing student, I have lots of good professional software so I used Adobe Photoshop to create the poster.

Firstly, I wrote down all our inside jokes, shared loves and individual loves.

Then I chose a colour scheme which is made up of only two colours, a light teal and white. Then I chose two fonts, Rockwell which is the blocky one and Savoye LET. The great thing about this is you can chose any colours that you wish and it’s super easy to put together. There’s not really much effort or skill involved and the end product is really effective.

We met at school, and I got my inspiration for this on Pinterest, but I screenshot a map of the school from Google Maps and made a heart shape around the map. We went for drinks on our first date in Chester which is also where i’m from and that’s also in the map.

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I arranged the text by making it different sizes and fonts which did take a while but it really came together.

Finally, I bought a white A2 sized frame with a border so the A3 sized poster fit nicely inside.

The most bizarre thing about this whole poster idea was that my boyfriend’s Valentine’s Day present to me was a collage of pictures of us in a white frame, also with a border.


This is the finished poster! It was a great way of giving my boyfriend a sentimental, meaningful present that wasn’t expensive. It was £10 to print and the quality was amazing – I ordered 1 but they sent me 3 for some reason, so I have some spares… And the frame was £20 which is quite expensive but it was gorgeous quality.

The bad news is that my boyfriend has no space in his room to hang the poster so it’s just propped up against his wardrobe. Great.

Thanks for reading!

See you next time for my clothing haaaaaul! xx



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