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Living away from home can be a difficult change and is something that takes time to get used to. As a student, money’s always tight and trying to make your room lovely can be expensive. This is my third and final year in University, and I’ve moved rooms every year, so i’m in my third house. I’ve used my imagination to think of cheap and creative ideas to make my Uni room feel homely and cosy.


The first thing that I wanted to do was to get some photographs up. Photographs can be difficult and expensive to print so I visited where I discovered if you signed up you could get 40+ free prints. It was free to sign up so I ordered my 40 prints and then punched two holes in each, one in each top corner. I bought some plain string from Poundland and just threaded it through the holes to attach all of the photographs together. I then just masking taped the ends to my top shelf and let it hang nicely.



I have a chimney breast along one of the walls in my bedroom which can look very bare if nothing is hanging from it or against it. It was the perfect place to put my clothes rail. Above the clothes rail I made a feature out of two of my favourite pictures of me and my boyfriend. I did the same technique as I did with the other photographs, just punched holes in the corners and threading string through. We got the two slate hearts with our names on as favours at a wedding in the summer, but they’re easy enough to make. I just hung my fairy lights on top of this feature to finish it off.



Stationary Holders

I washed out and cleaned an old jam jar to use for holding my oversized paperclips. I had some glass paints which I used to draw some pink and black hearts all over the jar.


I visited Paper Chase and noticed a single container in the sale rack, it was the only one left. I paid £2.00 for it and it’s a gorgeous black baroque design that I used to store all of my pens, pencils etc. in.


Eye Shadow Palette Holder

I spotted this napkin holder in Paper Chase, yet again, and just loved the design but I didn’t know what to use it for. It was only when I started looking on YouTube that I saw somebody had used one to store their eye shadow palettes. I was always stuck on where to put my palettes so this solved all problems.


Candle Holder

If you’ve ever been to an Italian restaurant you’ll probably have seen this before. I bought a pack of 12 long candles from M&S and they were quite pricey but you can get them from the pound shop or student convenience stores for much cheaper. After finishing a bottle of wine, I washed it out and put the candle in. For a cool effect, light the candle and lean it against another candle of the same type and drip the wax down the wine bottle; this will happen over time anyway.


Bobby Pin Holder

I’m forever losing my bobby pins. I buy packs of 50 at a time and only ever end up with fewer than 10 a few weeks later. This is a great way to keep them altogether and they’re easy to grab. I had a glass tea light holder from Ikea that I wasn’t using and it was only 50p so I made this a holder for my pins and tweezers.



Makeup Brush Holders

These brush holders are perfect for holding my brushes and separating the face and eye ones. The containers were originally plain wood. I bought them and then once I had them at home I used liquid glue and tissue paper to Papier Mâché it onto them. You can buy tissue paper online or at craft stores such as Hobbycraft. I used a pink rose pattern on one and a pink and gold baroque design on the other.



There are so many cheap ways to make your Uni room your own. If you have any other ideas or something that you’ve done that I haven’t mentioned please comment below to let me know!

Loves x


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