5 Simple Beauty Tips & Tricks


There are times when you want to look your best whether it’s a black tie event, a day at the races or simply lunch with friends on a Wednesday afternoon – whatever suits you! These easy tips & tricks can help you along to achieve the best results.

1. Shave with conditioner. Shaving foam is expensive, an extra product to buy and can cause dryness. Conditioner is a light product that is made to give your hair a natural looking shine, therefore, using it on your skin to shave with will keep it smooth and glossy. I would advice not to use an expensive conditioner because essentially you are just pouring it down the drain, but use one that suits you.

2. Apply Vaseline to your upper eyelashes before bed. Applying Vaseline to your lashes will lengthen and thicken them and you’ll notice a difference when you apply your mascara to them. This shouldn’t be part of your night-time routine but doing so once a week will help elongate and thicken your lashes.

3. Exfoliate your body and face with organic sugar. Body and facial scrubs can be expensive. Why would you buy a £20 scrub that lasts a couple of months when you can buy organic sugar that will last you for a whole year for £2.00? I’ve been using organic sugar instead of a body scrub for 6 months now and i’ve noticed no changes than when I was using a shop bought scrub other than my skin is even smoother.

4. Never shower/bathe with a face full of make up. If you wash with a face full of makeup, particularly with a layer of foundation on, you’re asking for blemishes and spots. When you shower or bathe, the steam from the water opens up all of your pores and the existing makeup and dirt goes into the pores. When you get out of the bath or shower, your pores close up again, therefore the dirt that has spilled into your pores gets trapped. This is also how blackheads occur. I take my makeup off with a wipe before the bath or shower and then I continue my skin routine when i’m washing.

5. Apply your makeup 30-40 minutes after washing your face and moisturising. If you want your makeup to last all day long, don’t apply your makeup straight after you’ve applied your moisturiser but don’t leave it too long to afterwards either. Applying it straight after will cause the makeup to soak into the moisturiser instead of your skin, causing it to wear off quickly. If you apply it too long after your moisturiser, your skin will have already began to produce oil and toxins and the make up will just sit on top of it. I would also recommend using a primer as well.

These are the 5 essential tips that I swear by; it saves me time and money which is very important to me as i’m a student! I hope this helps you.


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