How To Log The Perfect Travel Journal

Personally, if I go off to a different part of the world and travel around for a long period of time, it’s essential that I log as much as possible in a book. I do this for two main reasons:

1. My memory is appalling; I don’t ever remember the small things that happened and there tends to be a lot of blank gaps in my memories.

2. There’s so much time to kill. I have always travelled around with just one friend or in an organised group tour. We have always travelled as cheaply as possible, which meant that we were on a bus or boat for long periods of time. Keeping a travel journal kept me entertained and it’s such a good thing to treasure forever. My travelling memories are all in one place and if i’m ever missing it I can read back what I wrote.

I had the Travel Journal below in pink. It’s from John Lewis or WHSmiths and comes with a handy pencil and elasticated pencil holder.


The best thing about the journal is the organised sections within it. There’s a “where we’re staying” page as well as maps and a contacts list. This was perfect as we were constantly moving from hostel to hostel and sometimes we had to contact them if we were lost trying to find them. We would also write our schedule (as much as we knew) along the way to organise ourselves a little more.

Tip 1

Take advantage of the books designated pages before the main writing space. Chunks of text can easily become unorganised and lost if you’re using your journal for contact details or a schedule etc.

Tip 2

Organise your memorabilia. You’ll collect a lot of things along your travels such as boarding passes, receipts, photographs that are all lovely to keep and look back on as reminders of what you did and where you went. I took a paper clip with me to attach everything into my book and when I got home I put them on the remaining pages of the book.

Tip 3

Make it fun and spontaneous. There’s no restriction on what you can and can’t log. I got people that I met along the way to write a few words in my book and sometimes they drew instead of wrote. Knowing that I am unlikely to see them again, this was such a lovely way of keeping something from them.

Tip 4

Make a list of all the new things that you’ve experienced whilst travelling that you’ve never done before. I designated the final page in my journal to this and I managed to do and try so many new things that I had to overflow onto the previous page. Doing this is a great reminder of what you did whilst you were away. I have a bucket list so it ticked a few things off that for me.

Tip 5

Date each addition to the journal. It’s so easy to forget the date and where you were at that time. I always wrote the date as well as which city I was in at the time at the top of each log.

I’ve kept a private diary since the age of 14, that’s 8 years, so it was second nature to me when I came to keep a travel journal. But yours doesn’t have to be a written one. When my friend and I were travelling around Australia she kept a scrapbook instead. She’s an artist so she would draw her thoughts and memories instead of writing them. Find a way that suits you best, be creative and just log everything that is important and that you want to remember. I feel like my life is just one big book – i’ve documented everything and it gives me so much happiness when I read it back to myself.


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