My Clinique Sonic System Hell | Review

The new-ish Clinique Sonic System Cleansing Brush promises to deep clean your skin and to demolish any impurities such as age spots, blemishes and an uneven skin tone. It also claims that it’s for all skin types including those with the most sensitive skin. It had been developed by dermatologists for the best results.

clinique-vogue-30jul14-pr_b_426x639 I had my eye on the brush for a while and asked if I could have it as a present for my 22nd birthday. The Clinique counter representative was very informative and honest. She did a fantastic job of selling me the product along with all of the ant-redness solutions products that I should use with it and a couple of freebees. She sent me away with the lot, including a full new skin routine and told me I should use it right away. She was aware that I have very oily and sensitive skin and I have never been able to get rid of my blemishes on my chin.

After a couple of uses of the brush (I was told to use it morning and night, religiously) I noticed that my skin to touch was baby soft and felt so much better. I was using half the amount of foundation that I was previously because I didn’t feel I needed the coverage. So you’re probably thinking, why was this hell for me?

Along with the softness, I noticed that my skin would sting during the day and it was becoming irritated to the makeup such as my foundation and powder that i’ve been using for years. My spots and blemishes on my chin were angry, painful and there was a lot more redness and visible spots, as well as cysts under the skin. I was also getting spots on my cheeks and forehead which I haven’t had in years.

I arranged an appointment with the same Clinique representative about my disappointment with the brush and later found out that my skin had suffered an allergic reaction to one of the anti-redness solutions products. We thought that if I took that out of my skin routine that it would improve. I got a full refund for the product. She had also mentioned that skin tends to get worse before it gets better. If anyone else says that to you, ignore it. Your skin should not get worse before it gets better, that is a myth. My skin continued to deteriorate. I was very insecure about my skin because I knew it was worse than ever.

I stopped using the brush morning and night because that it a lot to be using it anyway and I thought that might help improve it. After about a week, my skin was exactly the same. It was awful. I then resorted to avoiding my problem areas such as the chin when using the brush but that did not help.

I made an appointment with the Doctor. I am now on tablets to help my skin. I have never had any treatment for my skin before now.


My skin after 1 week of being prescribed Tetralysal, a spot treatment

I still have the brush, but I rarely use it. The product comes with a 2 year guarantee so i’m closely monitoring my skin and i’m going to return it if my skin doesn’t improve on the tablets. If my skin improves, I will use the brush again but maybe just for exfoliating purposes once a week. It’s such as shame because initially my skin felt so good.

Before this, I exfoliated my face and body with Fruit Sugar from Morrisons (a supermarket in the UK) and I never had a problem, but when I spent £79 on a product that promises to change your skin for the better, it is worse than ever.

I know that you won’t all have problems from this brush, but I would recommend avoiding buying it if you have sensitive and/or oily skin and are prone to blemishes.


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4 comments on “My Clinique Sonic System Hell | Review”

  1. mika725 says:

    I guess the brush isnt for everyone. I use it and & I love it. I hope you find a routine that works for you!

    1. claireelsley says:

      Im glad it works for you. I heard such great things from it but like you said it obviously isn’t for everyone.

  2. You poor thing! Hope your skin gets better soon!

    1. claireelsley says:

      It was such a letdown! Thank you 🙂

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